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Jim Palmer gave Mawbey Group Practice a rating of 5 stars

Blood test review
23 August 2018

Gave a blood sample at St Thomas Hospital, very friendly & professional.
Reviewed by female principal GP, given friendly advice on smoking and avoiding diabetes.

Eugen Petrica onymous gave Mawbey Group Practice a rating of 5 stars

Professional, respectful, patient centred
18 June 2018

I was treated with respect, involved in the decision about my care and I would recommend this service to friends and family.

Anonymous gave Mawbey Group Practice a rating of 5 stars

Healthcare professionals who are a credit to the NHS
13 April 2018

I joined this practice in Dec 2017/Jan 2018 and I would honestly say it’s the best GP I have had. Although there have been a few glitches (where isn’t there?) I have been exceptionally happy with the service especially from the Healthcare Professionals.

I completed registration on line and when I hadn’t heard back a few weeks later called the surgery to check I was registered. The receptionist was really friendly and helpful and he told me I could come by the surgery to pick up a username and password that would allow me to register to make appointments online too (When I did drop by, a different receptionist gave me this information – she wasn’t as friendly and appeared to come from usual school of unhappy medical secretaries). When I accessed the online system, it is extremely efficient allowing you to see a variety of appointments, including short notice cancellations. Unhappy medical secretary had transcribed my email address, phone number and house number incorrectly (which later transitioned onto a prescription), but I was able to quickly correct these myself using the online system.

I was able to get an appointment with the practice nurse on the same day. The practice nurse was wonderful. Friendly, professional and most importantly, respected my opinion and involved me in decision making. She ensured to listen to me, and did not disregard my concerns at any point. She allowed me time and was happy to talk to me – the appointment after mine had been cancelled, and instead of taking that precious time to herself, she spoke to me, knowing it was my first appointment at the practice. She gave me confidence to go back to her or any of the medical team. Her commitment to nursing, Mawbey Practice and the NHS was clear and I would say she is an asset to each of those groups.

Really happy to be a patient here and have since recommended to others within the area!

Anonymous gave Mawbey Group Practice a rating of 5 stars

Make you feel at home
11 April 2014

I feel the practice is welcoming and the doctors are friendly. I have no trouble telephoning or visiting the practice, there is always some to help.

Anonymous gave Mawbey Group Practice a rating of 5 stars

An excellent example of community health care
26 March 2014

I have been a patient at this practice for many years and have always had excellent service. The environment is friendly and comfortable. Reception staff are knowledgeable and helpful; they are always attentive to patients who are vulnerable or need special support. Nursing staff are very professional in their approach and inspire confidence. I can usually see my registered GP within a day or so and invariably receive the highest quality care. If the matter is urgent and she is not available her colleagues are always equally helpful.
In recent years the practice has had to struggle with increasingly bureaucratic demands and imposed organisational change. Despite this it continues to be a model for high level community care.

Anonymous gave Mawbey Group Practice a rating of 5 stars

a caring, efficient and personalised service
17 March 2014

In my experience this practice shows the NHS at its best. The building is well-maintained, attractive and welcoming. The receptionist staff are friendly and well-informed. They deal with a wide range of people, some elderly and infirm, with patience and respect.

The nurses are very efficient but still find the time for a friendly chat.

The doctors are under pressure from the targets the NHS requires them to meet but they still find the time to listen and discuss. They offer choices and try to take a long view of health and well-being, rather than just writing out a prescription.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been looked after by this practice for several years.

Anonymous gave Mawbey Group Practice a rating of 5 stars

very helpful
21 February 2014

I was able to arrange an appointment easily and at a time convenient to me. The staff on reception greeted me having only met me once and I was quickly directed in.